top 8 content plugins for WordPress

Top 8 Content Plugins for WordPress

There are tons of plugins available for WordPress. Choosing the right plugins for the WordPress website is essential for your sites to perform better, generate tons of traffic, and help you save from malicious attacks from hackers. However, you need to be mindful of installing different plugins to your site without knowing anything about that plugin as it can breach your site’s privacy, important information to online attackers. These great content management system can be adjusted to meet the specific requirement of a website operator with a large number of available plugins. Here are the top 8 content plugins for WordPress sites to help turbo you site to a whole new level.

  • Create captions with subtitles
  • Create customized contact forms with the contact form 7
  • Google Analytics for WordPress from MonsterInsights
  • Show similar posts with Yuzo Related Posts
  • Not to forget a post with Editorial Calendar
  • Turbo for WordPress by WP Super Cache
  • Search Engine Optimization by Yoast SEO
  • Provide information with WF cookie consent


How to install a plugin?

Before going through these top 8 plugins, let me guide you through how to install a plugin(though only for the beginner). You must know how to install a plugin and activate them. Follow the picture to help you install any plugin in WordPress websites.

Top 8 content plugins for WordPress
How to install a plugin
  1. Go to Dashboard, scroll down to the plugin menu, click the Plugins menu and go to “ADD NEW” submenu of Plugins. Search your menu, and click to install and activate the menu.


Tip: Before installing a plugin, you should always first take a look at the following information in order to avoid complications during installation:

  • Last update
  • Number of reviews
  • Compatibility with the current version of WordPress
  • Number of active installations

In particular, editorial teams face special challenges when it comes to online magazines and the WordPress system, where its basic functions alone may not be able to fulfill those needs. You should check out the following plugins, which can make it easier for you complete your daily editorial work.

1. Create captions with subtitles

When creating a new article, you may want to add a subheading in addition to the main title. This has the advantage that you can summarize the topic with the main keyword in the regular heading and in the subheading, you can define the topic in more detail using secondary keywords.

If you have an online magazine and write editorial articles, you may have already noticed that you cannot insert subheadings in WordPress. You can quickly change this using Subtitles. With this plugin, an additional field is simply added in the WP back-end under the headline and you can insert your subheadings here.

Top 8 content plugins for WordPress
Create a secondary title

How to install secondary title plugins?

top 8 content plugins for wordpress
Secondary title plugin guide

Open Dashboard, Go to plugins, open submenu ” ADD NEW” in plugins. Search “Secondary title”, install it and activate it.

2. Make Customized Content Forms with Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is an easy-to-use plugin that allows you to create appealing contact forms. For instance, you could offer one of your related e-books for download under a new article in order to increase the added value of the article for the reader.

In addition to standard forms with the usual data fields such as name, e-mail address, telephone number, etc., Contact Form 7 can also control captcha or file uploads. If you also want to visually change the appearance of your contact form, you’ll need at least basic HTML knowledge.


3. Google Analytics for WordPress From Monsterinsights

This plugin is a must if you want to keep track of your site within the WordPress system, this plugin by Google Analytics for WordPress from Monsterinsights should be your go-to plugin to keep track of your per click data, bounce rate or your traffic. It can also show where your most users come from. 

After installation, what you need to do is to activate it and set up the authentication by using your google account. Monsterinsights will then provide you a tracking code. This tracking code will be automatically inserted to all your pages and tracking can start.


top 8 content plugins for WordPress
Google Analytics by Monsterinsights

4. Show Similar Posts with Yuzo

So now your visitors have spent quite a time searching with your content on your site and have been impressed with your post. Why not make them go through your next content using through the installed plugin by Yuzo Related Post? What Yuzo does is that it allows your contents to be automatically displayed right underneath your current content, which enables users to find your next related articles.

This is a free plugin available on WordPress sites which only needs installation and activation.


5. Not To Forget to Post your missed content with Editorial Calendar

It has happened with all of us that we left a content for someday to post it and we forget to post it. Not to worry! there is a way to help you remember your last missed content and schedule your post.

Editorial Calendar, as the name suggests is a calendar, which can keep track of your blog and always lets you when and which post was published.

top 8 content plugins for WordPress
Editorial Calender


6. A supercharge for WordPress: WP Super Cache

With a growing number of visitors, the web space becomes more heavily burdened, which in turn can have a negative impact on loading times. A good way to make it faster is to use caching plugins like WP Super Cache.

Caching means that after a page is created once, it is then cached. This basically means that not all the data have to be read from the database every time. The plugin generates static HTML files for the content that are displayed to users who have not logged in, commented or viewed a password-protected post.

The plugin’s preload function also makes sure that the cache is there when it is needed. Once you have set up WP Super Cache, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. The plugin is reliable, fast and ensures quick loading times even when there is a rush of visitors. Not only will the users of your website like this, but Google will as well.



7.Search Engine Optimization with Yoast SEO

No matter how good you are with content writing or blogging, you would definitely need Yoast Seo to help with your content. It can also help build your site get a good amount of traffic. 

If you keep writing so many good contents on the internet, if it cannot be found, it’s just a waste of time writing them. Therefore, Yoast SEO is there to help you write great content for your site.

top 8 content plugins for WordPress
Yoast SEO

8. Provide information with WF cookie

In 2015, Google made it clear that website runners must comply with the new EU End-User Consent Directive if they use programs such as Google AdSense, DoubleClick for Publishers or DoubleClick Ad Exchange.
Therefore, it is good that you provide your website visitors with the chance to obtain information about the use of cookies and allow them to agree to their use. This cannot get much easier than with plugins like WF Cookie Consent



In order to rank at the top level, you need to match with requirements which Google uses to rank the websites using search engine optimization. Therefore, you need great plugins to help you achieve that magic number of traffic to your site and get a lot of users. When choosing to add plugins to your WordPress sites, make sure you check if the plugin is not out of date, check for the reviews and the comments about the users. 

Choosing wrong or outdated plugins may result in your site being vulnerable to online attackers. As a result, it can heavily dent your progress and may leave your privacy on the line too. So make sure you install the above-mentioned plugins and let me know your response through using the comment section below. 



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